Why Do You Read?

Pilgrim in Progress —  July 23, 2013 — 4 Comments

book case 2Many years ago I become aware of two different approaches to reading.  I suspect I discovered it in a book or a lecture, but I can’t remember where it was, or by whom.  When you read a book, do you do so to “use” the book, or to be “changed” by the book?

Those who “use” a book are looking to for things that validate their beliefs or opinions.  They are looking for excerpts that they can utilize for a project they are working on or to memorize for future interactions with others.  Their goal is to find some nuggets or pearls within the book that they can take away and utilize for some other purpose.

Those who are “changed” by a book allow the book to “get in them”, to become part of who they are.  They are people whose life trajectory or attitude is altered by their interaction with the printed page.  In some cases the change may be great and in other cases it may be small.  But they let the book do its work.

If you were an author, which type of reader would you prefer?  One that read your book to be changed, or one who read your book to use the parts that they found appealing?

Pilgrim in Progress

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4 responses to Why Do You Read?

  1. Good post Steve. Gives me pause as I go about my reading this morning.

  2. I agree! Good qestion to ask! I do both…. To use a book is exercising my discernment skills and I will probably discuss this type of book a lot with my husband (I so appreciate that he is discerning). But I pray that when it comes to the Word of God that I always read to be changed!!!!

    • Thanks for your thoughts! I too hope I always approach the Word to be changed, but I recognize that sometimes I fail in this regard. Sometimes I just want to proves someone wrong. Yikes! There is still plenty in me that needs to be changed!

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