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Welcome to the new face of The Dangerous Journey.  Although the online address and format have changed, the mission remains the same.  Please take a moment to subscribe via RSS, e-mail, or simply “like” the Dangerous Journey Facebook site.  That way you will be able to keep up with all the latest.  Look for lots of changes to this site as it progresses over the next few days/weeks.  Also notice that all previous posts have been imported to this site as well.  I hope to have a scintillating post up again in the near future!  On to the journey!

It’s been a bit since I put up a new post.  I’ve decided that I needed to make some changes to this enterprise, and that has absorbed an increased amount of time.  I feel constrained by the limitations of blogger to accomplish both my near and long term objectives, so I have been investigating alternatives.  I will be moving my blogging over to a .org website this week.  I have acquired the domain name and just uploaded the necessary WordPress platform.  I’ll give you a heads up when things are rolling again!  Meanwhile, thanks for your patience!