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Today is the day of the “Father’s Blessing” at my daughter’s school and she has been looking forward to this day for weeks.  It’s  a wonderful idea, but as a father, I’m feeling a bit of pressure!  Today I will pick her up from school and join the other students and fathers from her class at at a nearby church.  We will enjoy lunch together and after lunch each father will read/give a blessing to their child.  We have been instructed to “keep it short” because there are so many blessing to give and so little time.  There is a chance that my blessing will be longer than they would like, but I’ll take the heat.  My daughter is worth that risk.


A Father’s Blessing

On that December 12thmorning in 2005 when I first held you in my arms, your mom and I had no idea what the future held. We named you “Katherine MeiXing”, your middle name being Chinese for “pretty star.” We were excited and scared and had absolutely no idea how to be parents. As you toddled around in your “squeaky shoes” and played “floppy baby” in the hotel, be began the process of discovering who God created you to be. From early on it became apparent that you had a kind, sensitive and caring heart. Whenever a baby would cry, you would stop what you were doing and want to make sure that they were cared for. It didn’t matter where we were, or who it was, you wanted to make sure that someone met that need. Just days ago when one of your brother was sad and hurting, you ran upstairs and brought him some of his special things to comfort him in his sorrow. This heart of compassion is a gift given you by God and a gift that our broken world desperately needs. Kate, always let God’s heart flow through your heart to heal the hearts of those around you. In doing so, you bring the presence and reality of God’s kingdom to the hurting world around you.   

God has also given you physical gifts. Shortly after you came to our home you began climbing up on all the boxes in our home. I took you to a “dad and me” gymnastics class to get your wiggles out. At first, I think you liked the donuts afterwards more than the gymnastics, but then you began to blossom into a confident athlete. And while your natural athleticism shines through, gymnastics has also taught you to be courageous, committed and persistent. You have learned that when things don’t go your way you have to pick yourself up, get your courage up and try again.

This summer our family went through a lot of change: we traveled to China, adopted your littlest brother and moved to Colorado. I will never forget that when we told you that we were leaving Wisconsin to move to Colorado, you told us how hard it would be for you to leave your friends and your school behind. Only a few minutes later I found you in your room with your Bible writing down verses related to being courageous in difficult situations.

Kate, God has given you many gifts and I am so pleased to see the confident young woman you are growing up to be. As you dream of what your future may hold, whether that is exercising your creativity as a “fixer upper” or coaching others to be their best in gymnastics or providing a home for babies that have no home through adoption, know this, Kate. God has created within you a heart full of creativity and kindness. A heart that is brave and strong. A heart that is made to love Him and to love others.

And so Katherine MeiXing, my pretty star, may God bless you abundantly above and beyond what you could ask, hope or think as you bless others with the blessing he has given you.  

I love you,