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Fear.  It’s everywhere.  It’s one of the ways the news media, advertisers and politicians get our attention.  As the upcoming election approaches, the shrill scream of certain doom reaches a fevered frenzy.  It’s profitable for them.  It’s disconcerting for the rest of us.   

“Do not call conspiracy everything that these people call conspiracy; do not fear what they fear, and do not dread it. The Lord Almighty is the one you are to regard as holy,
he is the one you are to fear, he is the one you are to dread, and he will be a sanctuary.  .  .  ”  Isaiah 8:12-14


I am afraid to dream.   
Actually, I’m ok with little dreams, but I am afraid to dream big dreams.  I doubt that I am alone in this.  I wonder if this becomes more prevalent as we get older.  We start out with dreams, but often our dreams are quashed by circumstances or by the well meaning intentions of others.  Often times we interpret circumstances as “reality” and come to believe that dreams are fine, but they don’t really come true.  Perhaps we can approximate them to some small extent, but they don’t really come true.  If you are an analytical type, this is even more difficult.  You quickly spot the flaws, anticipate the difficult issues and soon find yourself mired in a slew of despondency, having come to the conclusion that it is unrealistic to believe that the dream could really be achieved.  Dreams are for dreamers.  Not for real world types.  
But down deep in the crevices of my soul, I want to dream.  And sometimes those dreams float up out of my soul and begin to take flight – only to be burst by the laser beam of my analytical thought
In the last few months I have begun to realize this.  I think I knew it at a subconscious level, but it was recently brought to my attention by my bride, when she noted that I would decide an idea or plan wouldn’t work before I ever really gave it a chance.  A short while later, my cousin encouraged me to “challenge my assumptions.”  Those assumptions I am always making about why things won’t work or won’t happen. 
I suppose some of my aversion has stemmed from an annoyance with the folks who preach the mantra that “if you can dream it or believe it, you can achieve it.”  Or “you can do anything you put your mind to.”  Balderdash.  I can dream of lots of things I can’t achieve.  Turning myself into a newt, for example. 
Unfortunately, this aversion has apparently stunted my ability to dream.  While it may be that not all dreams can or will come true, certainly if one doesn’t dream, there is no dream to come true!  And if one doesn’t have some type of dream, what is there to aspire to?  What is there to plan for?  To direct one’s resources towards?  Yes, I have applied myself towards small, modest, “doable” dreams, but not the big ones.  And I think God is calling me to dream big.  I’m a little afraid of that because I don’t like to fail.  But if I don’t dream big, I will be stuck in small living.  And I don’t want to be stuck there.  
How about you?  Has the harshness of life diminished your ability to dream big?  Together we need to dream big again.  You need that.  Your family needs that.  Your church needs that and our world needs that.  Ask God to give you a big dream and empower you with the strength to pursue it.  
Face the fear.  Live the dangerous journey.