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Silence. Please.

Pilgrim in Progress —  December 16, 2012 — Leave a comment

I thought this was a great post over at the Internet Monk.

I am convinced more and more every day — and especially in the light of tragic events yesterday — that the wisdom Christians in the U.S. need to learn is found in the Book of Job.

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You may recall that I blogged a bit on the book of Job here and here.


I would like to point you to an interesting post I read a few weeks ago at The Internet Monk.  Too often we fail to fully appreciate the historical context within which God revealed himself in the Scriptures.

I think the so-called “New Perspective on Paul”is of tremendous importance for a more accurate understanding of the Gospel and the teaching of the New Testament.

I have always felt that way, from the my first exposure to E.P. Sanders, Krister Stendahl, and James D. G. Dunn in seminary back in the 1980s.

On the other hand, I never thought that what they were saying was necessarily in contradiction to more traditional “Reformation” readings. In my view, they added context to those readings and broadened my understanding of such teachings as justification by faith. I never could fathom the harsh reactions of many to “the new perspective.”

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