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I was out of town for much of this week, arriving home late this afternoon.  Tonight I had the opportunity to hang out with my son.  He loves football, so we were watching a game on the tele tonight.  Just before bed I decided we should watch the Wildcat 16 Goals for Success.  Not only do I benefit from watching these, but I am also “indoctrinating” my son, hoping to drive home to him the importance of how our core values effect the outcomes of our lives.  I  have mentioned these before in a post I called Leadership Lessons, but they are so great I wanted to bring them to your attention one more time.

Bill Snyder has been a constant to the Kansas State football program, from 1989 through 2005, and again from 2009 to the present. But within that constant have come 16 others that have formed the foundation of the K-State football family, and the life beyond those years of eligibility.

The 16 goals form the foundation for success, and create the work ethic and discipline that goes with them. With players and coaches from all backgrounds, having a single set of core values unifies them under one vision. If each adheres to the goals as individuals, then team success will follow.

Snyder believes the 16 goals are not only critical to success on the field, but also in everyday life. Once someone has dedicated themselves to doing things the right way, their chance of success in any field is dramatically increased.


You may as well know, I’m a big fan of KSU (Kansas State) Football.  Go Cats!

How did Bill Snyder turn around what was probably the worst football program in D-I history?  You should read the book for the full picture, but it all stems from the rules for success.  

The Sixteen Wildcat Goals for Success

1) Commitment
2) Unselfishness
3) Unity
4) Improvement
5) Toughness
6) Self Discipline
7) Great Effort
8) Enthusiasm
9) Eliminate Mistakes
10) Never give up
11) Don’t accept losing
12) No self – limitation
13) Expect to win
14) Consistency
15) Leadership
16) Responsibility

If you are interested in leadership, Bill Snyder’s book is a must read.