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Perhaps you have heard that old saying, “figures don’t lie, but liars figure.”  People love to use facts and figures in ways that suit their own purposes, but without any real concern for the truth.  Often times this goes by the name of “marketing” or when we are slightly more honest, “spin.”  Often the outcome is decided a priori and then the “facts” are gathered and orchestrated to support that outcome.

This graph demonstrates perfectly what I am describing.  The facts here are indisputable, are they not?  As the total tonnage of lemons imported from Mexico increased, the U.S. Highway Fatality Rate decreased!  Clearly, the path to decreased highway fatalities is clear.  We must increase the importation of lemons from Mexico!

So, don’t always believe what you hear and what you see!  Engage your critical thinking skills and ask tough questions.  Otherwise, you  may find yourself in possession of a vary large quantity of lemons!